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Welcome to!!!
(Not your father's pancake website)

So you've probably heard all about this Pancakes for the Table craze from your friends and loved ones and I thank you for coming here to learn more. is the THE SOURCE for all PFTT news, events, updates, press releases as well as rules for our Pancakes Loyalty Program!

So what's all this about? Simple, it's about pancakes, dummy. Our bodies have evolved perfectly to enjoy exactly 6 bites of pancakes (that's science) but if you order pancakes like it's your first time to a brunch, you're going to be ending your plate with a cold, soggy, syrup-soaked mess staring back up at you.

The solution: carve up that cake and share it with your homies. Everyone gets those 6 bites of warm, sweet cake that our bodies crave but we won't be stuck with the dirty diaper of a mess that awaits those that try to take on a stack all to themselves. Share the love--share a cake!

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